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Karaite Fact Cards (1-12)

$ 12.00

These beautiful Karaite Fact cards explain tidbits about Karaite Judaism in easily digestible and fun ways. This set of 12 cards is the second printing by A Blue Thread, A Jewish Blog with a Thread of Karaite Throughout.

This set contains all eight cards in Karaite Fact Cards (1-8), and adds for more.

This set is contains the following cards:

1. What is Karaite Judaism

2. Cheeseburgers and Paradise (re milk and meat)

3. Fringe Benefits (re techellet and sisiyot)

4. This Year in Jerusalem (re Karaites and Zionism)

5. The Karaite Jewish University

6. Sight for Sore Eyes (re the new moon)

7. The Karaite Jews of America

8. Karaite Matzah Recipe

9. A Helping Hand (re Rabbanite and Karaite coordination)

10. Should Jews Wine on Passover (re why Egyptian Karaites do not consume wine on Passover)

11. She Speaks with Authority (re a female Karaite religious leader in 12th Century Spain)

12: The Shawarma Boycott (re why certain Shawarma is not kosher)


**Note: These cards were not produced by the Karaite Press. We are providing them to you at our total cost for each set. Because we are selling our excess inventory, we do not accept returns on this product.**


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